About Me

I am a technology leader, innovation advocate, data scientist and engineer, and business developer. I have helped create and grow several start-ups, along with significant experience working with companies and teams of all sizes and shapes. As a software manager, I am an Agile/Scrum expert, and I believe in a bottom-up approach to leadership that will minimize management intrusion while maintaining accountability, giving highest importance to hiring and training. As a business developer, I have experience in helping companies organize, formalize, fundraise, and prepare for rapid growth.

I am also capable of leading by example as a software developer, data scientist, and machine learning engineer. The majority of my work has been in the field of consumer-facing web development, big data technology, and machine learning and artificial intelligence, including computational linguistics and deep learning. My passion is in building secure, highly scalable, load-tolerant services that are extensible and easy to maintain. I have experience in full-stack development, including database architecture, service-oriented design, and UI/UX best practices. I have also built scalable systems for large-scale predictive data analytics, recommendations, and model building for speech recognition and natural language processing.

I wrote a book about the start-up experience: Start-up Struggles.

I have also written about, and hosted various talks and presentations related to the technology industry, including:
How to Hire Good Engineers (October 2013)
Development Methodologies  •  transcript (November 2015)
How Machines Learn (a crash course) (November 2016)
Xconomy Robo Madness (March 2017)
RoboticsConnect (September 2017)

Aiera, Lola, Amazon, ShapeUp, Garment Valet

BioSampleZone, and more...

Northeastern University (BS in CS)
Norwich University (MBA in PM)