About Me

I am a technology leader, innovation advocate, software engineer, and business developer. I have helped create and grow start-up companies, but I also have significant experience working with companies and teams of all sizes and shapes. As a software manager, I am an Agile/Scrum expert and advocate, and I believe in a bottom-up approach to leadership that should minimize management intrusion while still maintaining accountability, giving highest importance to hiring. As a business developer, I have experience in helping companies organize, formalize, fundraise, and prepare the business for rapid growth.

I am also capable of leading by example as a software engineer and architect. The majority of my work has been in the field of consumer-facing web development. My passion is in building secure, highly scalable, load-tolerant websites and web services that are extensible, easy to maintain and platform agnostic. I have extensive experience in top-down, back-to-front development and design, database architecture, service-oriented design, and UI/UX best practices. I have also built out scalable systems for data analytics, and model building for speech recognition and natural language understanding.

I wrote a book about the start-up experience: Start-up Struggles.

I have also hosted presentations related to the technology industry:
How to Hire Good Engineers (October 2013)
Development Methodologies  •  transcript (November 2015)

Amazon, Kenzan Media, NameMedia, ShapeUp, Garment Valet

BioSampleZone, BarUp, and more...

TwinCities Innovation (501c3)

Northeastern University (BS in CS)
Norwich University (MBA, Project Management)

Helium (framework)