About Me

I'm an entrepreneur, tech leader, data scientist / ML engineer, and biz developer. I’ve helped create or grow several start-ups, raised money, and built/managed teams of varying sizes, small to large.

As an engineer, focused primarily in the world of data science and machine learning, I specialize in computational linguistics (NLP/NLU), predictive analytics, and deep learning architectures.

I wrote a book about the start-up experience: Start-up Struggles.

I have also written about, and hosted various talks and presentations related to the technology industry, including:
How to Hire Good Engineers (October 2013)
Development Methodologies  •  transcript (November 2015)
How Machines Learn (a crash course) (November 2016)
Xconomy Robo Madness (March 2017)
RoboticsConnect (September 2017)

Aiera, Lola, Amazon, ShapeUp, Garment Valet

Northeastern University (BS in CS)
Norwich University (MBA in PM)