Bryan Healey

Bryan is a technology leader, innovation advocate, software engineer, and business developer. He has been involved mostly with helping create and grow start-up companies, but has significant experience working with companies and teams of all sizes and shapes. As a manager, Bryan is an Agile expert; as an engineer, Bryan specializes in consumer-facing, high-load web development.


Ken Alderfer

Ken is a premiere design and usability expert, and a solid frontend developer with skills in JavaScript/jQuery and middle-tier engineering. He can work with an existing design, or craft and code a ground-up concept in tight collaboration with stakeholders. Additionally, Ken is able to develop supplementary materials around the design for offline purposes.


Aubrey Klaft

Aubrey is a WPI trained computer scientist with years of experience in QA/Automation, including managing teams of QA engineers. An expert in consumer-facing systems, Aubrey can craft a quality assurance system from the ground-up for systems of all sizes.

Andrew Amigo

Andrew is a business development expert and start-up CEO with 15+ years experience, including venture capital, investment banking, insurance, and structure finance. He is adept at strategic partnerships, M&A, joint ventures, and turnaround scenarios. Andrew is a VCI trained JD with an MS International Economics.