Helping Technical Businesses Thrive

I offer technology leadership, start-up assistance, and am an Agile specialist. I help young companies grow quickly, and will work to propel technical innovation and departmental efficiency. I work closely with team members to best tailor a process that will fit with the personality of the organization, empowering each individual to take charge of their own tasks and produce the best possible results. I espouse a bottom-up approach to leadership that minimizes management intrusion while maintaining accountability, giving highest importance to hiring and team construction. Visibility into the team is emphasized while affording the individual engineer or designer the space and comfort needed to excel.

I also can lead by example as a capable software engineer. The majority of my work has been in the field of consumer-facing web development. My passion is in helping companies build secure, highly scalable, load-tolerant websites and services that are extensible, easy to maintain and platform agnostic. I have extensive experience in top-down, back-to-front development and design, database architecture, service-oriented design, and UI/UX best practices.

If you require the work of a management consultant, a technical leader who will drive forward your organizational innovation, or any specific project that may need skilled collaboration, contact me now and we will open a dialogue about how best I may be able to help you. I am highly flexible with terms and circumstances, depending on the individual need.