December 23, 2015

Start-up People

In 2014, I released a book, entitled Start-up Struggles, in which I discussed, at a high-level, common issues encountered during the growth and development of a technical start-up. Each chapter in the collection of essays highlighted a specific challenge: finding a co-founder, managing finances, managing equity, building the minimum viable product, hiring employees, finding advisors, preparing for scale, and more. No chapter went into significant depth, but rather tried to provide some basic analysis and options for each topic.

In 2016, I plan to release the first in a series of follow-up books that will focus on many of these individual topics in greater detail. The first, entitled Start-up People, will dive into the difficult and muddy waters of technical recruiting, onboarding, and training. I will cover the pains of managing equity and options, finding and attracting the best talent (often with limited dollars), getting engineers up to speed and productive quickly, and scaling at different stages of growth. I'll cover interviewing best practices, tools for addressing underperforming developers, and how best to keep a cash-strapped and over-stressed organization on-track and happy.

Start-ups are never easy, but it helps to have a little more information when you kickoff!

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