People »   Bryan Healey: Recommendations

Thaddeus Diamond

What impressed me immediately about Bryan was his ability to dive deep on extremely technical aspects of our system. When building out our transformation pipeline, his understanding of the different data and message passing protocols, in addition to the relevant data sources and data sinks, enhanced his ability to design and plan for higher-level improvements.

Dana Coombs

Bryan brought both wide and deep experience to our medical web application development. His refined communication skills and obvious enthusiasm were a breath of fresh air. The results have been impressive! I would hire Bryan again... and look forward to it!

Brian Link

Bryan is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to programming. He can work with every layer of the stack and built some amazing features entirely by himself. But his greatest strength is likely his curiosity, not afraid to try anything and come in at 5am to try it... His personality is both level-headed and easy-going. He's hard working and will persevere on any task he's given. I really enjoyed working with Bryan.

Chris Cortese

Bryan is a tremendous technical resource. I worked with Bryan for several years as his manager. During that time, Bryan consistently delivered. It didn't matter what the technology challenge was, how complex the problem or how unreasonable the time line, Bryan delivered... looking to solidify [an] engineering staff with technical leadership, Bryan is the resource.

Rajiv Kumar, MD

From his first day working on our team, we knew we made the right decision hiring Bryan. His can-do attitude, "get it done" mentality, creative problem-solving skills, and infectious optimism make him an absolute pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to the entire company.

Brian Kirsten

I've worked with Bryan for several years and he is an amazing fellow co-worker. He's talented both as a software engineer and on the business side of whatever project he's working on. He loves consuming new information, whether to better himself as a person or as a developer. I consider myself lucky to have worked with a person as talented as Bryan, and would definitely work with him in the future.

Mark Cahill

Bryan is a tremendous, talented engineer with a strong track record of getting major projects complete, from start to finish. We are currently using an MVC Framework that Bryan developed himself, called Helium. It speaks volumes that we committed to using his framework across all our products. His work and that framework are that good. I strongly recommend Bryan as a Senior Engineer or System Architect, and would look forward to any opportunity to work with him in the future.

Rodolfo Palafox

Bryan was a very creative and resourceful developer... Bryan was able to develop effective sytems that surpassed the functionality required and he was instrumental to the development of the internal web document management system, the divisional intranet and several web based applications. Bryan demonstrated a high level of understanding of the user needs and reflected assurance and security of his skills and abilities which gave confidence to our internal customers.

Adam Jacknow

Bryan is quite amazing. 1st read about him in the paper about an online management tool he had built for students... Eventually courted him to take us on as his next project. Over a 20 month span he automated the majority of our paper systems as well creating production and delivery applications so information was finally being pushed/captured at the source, rather then getting lost in translation. Two thumps up! Write me if you'd like more details on Bryan.

Dominic Coryell

Bryan used to work with us and was responsible for creating our first version of our company Intranet. He was a talented programmer, possessed business savvy, and an overall great team player. Bryan moved on to advance his career and left everything in great shape for the rest of the staff. He was always reliable and punctual.